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Branding (Logo Design)


Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the Logo?

You own 100% rights to your logo to use as you please.

How long does it take to design the logo?

It depends on your package and the number of revisions needed. The initial design is complete within a few days. After the initial design, you have an opportunity to make revisions.

What are the different file formats

File Formats include (AI, PSD, EPS, PNG, GIF, JPG PDF). Hubspot goes into greater detail as to what each format is used for. Common formats for websites include PNG and JPG

What are design concepts?

Design concepts are the initial designs created based on your criteria and specifications for the design. If your package includes 5 concepts, you receive 5 initial designs to choose from.

What are revisions?

Revisions are slight modifications or course correction to progress towards the final design. They are usually conducted after the initial design

What can I do with my logo?

Add it to your website, insert it into your email signature, use it on your social media, put it on business cards, make custom stickers or labels, put it on letterheads, invoices and receipts